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On May 7, 2009, at 10:42 AM, Marvin Humphrey wrote:

> On Wed, May 06, 2009 at 09:59:48PM -0700, webmasters at ctosonline.org  
> wrote:
> Current KS never deals in list context.  When the documentation says  
> "an
> array", it means an "array ref".  This was an artifact of me trying  
> to set
> things up so that the same documentation text could be shared by  
> multiple
> binding languages; "array ref" isn't right in the context of Java,  
> C, etc.

I have no problem understanding ‘array’. Let’s use it. :-)

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> I might have to do something asinine like use #AN_ARRAY# and swap in  
> the name
> of choice for the bindings.

I don’t see that as asinine, but it might be easier just to put a note  
somewhere that arrays are always references.

>> I’ve reduced it as much as I can and attached it. (I know, I’ve
>> probably done something stupid and it will be obvious to you.)
> I always start with the assumption that if a smart user has done  
> something
> "stupid", there's likely an interface design flaw that shunted them  
> in the
> wrong direction -- so I always want to hear about such things.

I meant I had probably forgotten a few arguments when setting up the  
schema. I make those types of mistakes all the time. :-)
> The
> problem with highlight_spans() has been fixed by r4549; a few more  
> latent
> binding bugs following the same pattern have been fixed by r4550;  
> and a couple
> memory leaks have been plugged by r4551 -- so I suggest trying r4551.

Works nicely (at least with the test I sent you). I just need to  
finish converting the rest of my code....

Father Chrysostomos

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