[KinoSearch] QueryFilter Crashings and Smashings

Chris Nandor projects at pudge.net
Thu May 31 23:05:22 PDT 2007

I am getting this error lately ... any clues?

Error in function refill at ../c_src/KinoSearch/Store/InStream.c:92: Read
past EOF of _1.p1 (start: 0 len 912) at
line 122

This happens on a call to ->search with a QueryFilter passed for the filter
parameter.  It's a bunch of Index::Term objects MUST'd together in a

The second time through, though, it works: the first time I call ->search,
the above error is produced, but something happens with the QueryFilter so
that it works the second time through.  Dumping the object, I notice that
cached_bits is populated before the second call, and it was empty on the
first call.  That's the only obvious difference.

Now using the same BooleanQuery that I created the QueryFilter from, and
passing that as the query parameter.  It crashes too, but now it doesn't
work on subsequent attempts, as the QueryFilter did.

The BooleanQuery itself is hard to pin down.  I have these terms:

	uid => 2,
	accepted => 'no',
	rejected => 'no',
	public => 'yes',
	editorpop => 25,
	category => 'none'

If I do just the first two, it works.  The first three, it doesn't.  If I
remove just the first one and do the other five, it works.  And so on.

I hope that information is enough to help you recognize the problem; if
not, I can try to provide more detail.

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