[KinoSearch] Merging indexes: delete_docs_by_term() first?

henka at cityweb.co.za henka at cityweb.co.za
Wed Aug 23 01:57:34 PDT 2006

A question about which I'm not 100% sure:

When merging a temp index into a master index with add_invindexes(), must
any existing documents in the master (ie, docs which match docs in the
temp index) first be marked as deleted using delete_docs_by_term() prior
to the merge, or does the logic in add_invindexes() take care of duplicate

When indexing to a main index without temp indexes, then yes, delete
before adding, but what about merge with add_invindexes()?

The doc at
isn't clear on this.

Sorry to beat this poor horse again - I just want to be sure.


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